How to Wash and Wax Your Car

If you own a car it requires to be washed and waxed regularly for it to maintain it is good look and quality. Valeting your car is not a difficult process as many people think because you can do it by yourself without having to take it to a cash wash service. All you need is to understand how to follow the right steps to perform the task effectively. This article offers you a comprehensive guide on how to wash and wax your car.


Washing the Car

· You need to wash your car using a concentrated car cleaner only, add three or so cap-fulls to a a bucket of water to clean the whole car. Note that you should never use dish washing liquid because it has a tendency to strip all the wax from your car.

· After wetting the whole car, use a sponge or washing mitt and begin by cleaning the roof. Never use old rags, because they leave hairline scratches in your vehicle finish. You need to start cleaning from the top and work as you move downwards, to prevent the water from running off onto the panels you have already cleaned.

· Clean a single panel at a time and rinse to prevent the soap from drying onto the car. In addition, use the right water pressure to get the suds off. Repeat the process until your car is clean.


Cleaning Tyres and Wheels

· When your tires and wheels are cool to the touch, you need to begin by rinsing them thoroughly.

· Spray one wheel and tire with a good quality cleaner and clean into the crevices using a soft bristled brush. You should only clean one at a time to make sure that the cleaner does not dry.

· Rinse the wheel thoroughly and repeat the same process with the other wheels.


Cleaning Road Tar and Bugs

· Tar and bugs usually build up on the lower side of the body sides, windshield, and the leading edge. Make use of little tar and bug cleaner to the bug sponge and rub it to these areas to get rid of the debris.


Drying the Car

· When drying your car, make use of soft terry cloth or damp chamois and get rid of any water from the whole car. Begin at the roof as you move down the lower panels.


Waxing the Car

· Get your car from a place where there is direct sunlight and allow it to cool. Begin by wetting the wax applicator, which is found in the can of wax you buy.

· Put the wax on the applicator and frame the entire area where you want to apply it and fill in the middle portion. This will prevent getting wax into the jambs and seams of the car. Wax each panel at a time and after a while the wax will dry to a dull haze.

· Wipe in one direction and use terrycloth to get rid of the wax film.

· Using a polishing cloth, buff in the opposite direction in order to get a better shine.

· After you are through with one panel, turn the two towels to the unused part and start on the next panel. Repeat the process until you have finished waxing your whole car.

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