Plumbing – Fitting a Bath Tap


Most bath taps have a couple of plastic type nuts underneath them along with a couple of connectors. Flexible pipes are much easier to work with than the rigid types that are found on many of the older bath tap installations. When removing these pipes in order to change the taps, plumbers prefer not to try and re-connect the rigid pipes as this can make maintenance more difficult in the future.

The first stage when replacing the tap(s) is to turn off the water valve under the bath. The plumbing tools required for the next part are the Tube Spanner and the Claw Spanners.

Once the water supply has been disconnected the plumber can remove the water connection nut and then the plastic retaining nut that holds the tap to the bath. Do the to the other tap if necessary and the taps should now just lift out.

Before inserting the new tap(s) it is a good idea to wipe around the holes in order to obtain a reliable seal when the new taps go in. Now the plumber can put the replacement taps in and secure in place with a rubber washer and plastic nut.

Now the flexible braid connector can be screwed into the tap(s) and tightened up. Finally, when this is complete the water can be turned back on and the plumber can test for leaks.

Changing bath taps can be a simple job to do, however it is recommended that you find a good plumbing website and hire an experienced plumber if you have never attempted this kind of job before.