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Wool Coats for Women

Women's Wool Trench Coats & Long Coats from Angel Jackets

It's the time of the year again when dressing up can get a bit tough; you might have a lot of inner layers like sweaters, turtle neck, and blouses but lack the outerwear that could complete the look. Then you start going through your wardrobe in search of old winter outerwear and chances are they might not be in an ideal condition, or they're simply out of fashion, if that's the case then you're at the right place.

We at Angel Jackets have our eyes locked on the latest trends; we've combined the classic essence of women's wool coats with ultra-modern design. Our styles are made of blended material which gives are luxurious feeling and works perfectly with everyday dresses. It is a fantastic way to tie your outfit together, and most importantly, it will also keep you warm, which makes our wool jackets for women a must-have for the season.


High-Quality Wool & Features

The excellent quality wool overcoats for women can last for years. Angel Jackets has an exquisite collection ranging from front double-breasted style to single-breasted button closure style coats.

The coats come with some of the most attractive winter shades that are versatile enough to match any outfit; colors include long camel coats, burgundy, and red wool coats. Our coats are made of the most exceptional quality wool and lined with soft polyester lining; moreover, they feature button closure, pockets, and lapel.

Each detail is skillfully crafted and inspected before making it to your doorstep.

Styles for Everyone:

You can always dress up or dress down these winter women's wool coats, depending on the formality of the occasion.

  • If you're going out shopping with friends, opt for a street style look with slim-fit jeans and a casual top, on the other hand.
  • An elegant blouse or dress topped by a winter-tone women's wool coat will do great if you want a sophisticated look.

Variety for Every Season & Taste

If you're looking for more than style and functionality, consider checking out mixed varieties, including maroon, camel, and other seasonal colors.

These are designed to make you look gorgeous and leave a better impression at parties and other events. Stay ahead of fashion trend with Angel Jacket's Womens Jackets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a wool coat last?

Depending on the quality, it can last many years if cared properly. It is suggested to spend your money on a quality long wool coat women to ensure better style, protection and quality.

Are wool coats itchy?

No, the fiber of wool does not itch the skin but it's rather soft and comfortalbe to skin. That's the natural benefit of wearing a double or a single breasted coat womens, each type has its own benefit. 

What happens if you wash a wool?

It can be washed but do not put it in the dryer as it will shrink. Leave it to dry openly by hanging in an open area. 

What is the best color for a womens lined wool coat?

Grey, Black and Blue are the best colors to own for winter and fall season. These three color will rock perfectly with your clothes. Otherwise, maroon, pink, brown and green is more popular in women. 

People Also Ask For

How warm is a wool blend coat?

An excellent quality thick wool-blend coat can keep you warm on a windy day with temperature as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. But when there’s a freezing temperature, a wool coat itself would not be enough for you.

What temperature is wool coat good for?

Roughly, you can wear a decent quality wool coat during a cold day when it’s 35 degrees Fahrenheit or above. For a dropping temperature below this point, a wool coat would be insufficient.

Are wool coats heavy?

Wool coats come in varying thickness ranging different price marks. An average thick wool coat is not heavy. However, a densely thick wool coat, besides being warmer, is heavy as well.

Is wool good for snow?

Wool has natural insulation that makes it water-resistant. Therefore, it’s a great wear to protect you from snow if you suddenly get in contact with it. Although, during an extended snowfall, it can turn wet.

What should I look for in a wool coat?

Make sure the wool coat you’re buying should be made from well-woven fabric with 100% wool content. The buttons should be firmly stitched, and the inner lining should be soft and moisture friendly, so you don’t feel any discomfort while wearing it for hours.

How do you protect a wool coat?

These five simple steps can easily help you maintain your wool coat.

  • Gently brush soft brush to wipe out dust. 

  • Hanger your wool coat when not wearing to protect it from getting creases.

  • Use soft cloth or paper towel to absorb the blot. Don’t rub it. Else it will go deeper in the fabric.

  • Dry clean your wool coat twice a year. Ideally, before and after the season.

  • Store your coats in a garment bag and not in the polythene bag to protect moisture.

Is wool warmer than polyester?

Wool is far superior to polyester to keep you warmer. It is even skin-friendly and gives a comfy sensation to the wearer and, unlike polyester, doesn't give you itchiness.

How should a wool coat fit?

A wool coat should fit snug but not look like form-fitting. It should touch close to your body so that you can enjoy maximum warmth without looking out of fashion.

How do you style a wool coat?

The cool way to style this beauty is to throw it over cashmere, slim-fit jeans, and sneakers. For a more gorgeous look, wear it with tailored blazer and ankle boots.

Will I get premium quality wool from Angel Jackets?

Our wool coats have a nice, thick fabric that gives you comfort and style no matter the weather. In other words, our wool fabric are great for any cold season. Yet, they're breathable and won't add extra weight on you. 

What are the type of wool coat I can purchase here?

At Angel Jackets, you will find both short and long coat women styles. We have full-length which are below the knee and half length coats that runs above the knees. 

What styles of wool coats available? 

When it comes to offering styles, you can find a different varieties including the hooded, 3-4 length, double-breasted and other exquisite designs that are must-haves. 

What is the best way to style black wool coat womens?

Any thing bright and contrastic will obviously look good. Try blue jeans because it can match perfectly with a black color.