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Mens Leather Coat


Stunning Mens Leather Trench Coat, Leather Blazer & Overcoat

Leather is a classic material that has been part of fashion for a very long time. It continued to develop in different styles and types, ranging from gladiator armors to the biker's gear. There are various advancements made in this material regarding both fashion and safety. Mens Leather coats are also one of the categories of a wide range of other Men leather products. 

Leather Blazer men are perfect to style with your formal attire, especially in winter; it will keep you warm and maintain your professional look. If you need something warm that covers your body from top to bottom, then opt for a mens leather trench coat. It will not only keep you protected from cold wind but also rain if it's waterproof. 

On the other hand, It is fantastic for a daily commute and a quick, effortless style. Finally, If the weather is icy-cold, then you should go for the leather long coat men with fur inner lining which is cozier than the others.

Back in the '80s and 90's leather car coats and long leather jacket were worn by the gangsters, villains and sometimes even by the spies to portrait a badass-look. In 1999 Lawrence Fishburne (Morpheus) the mentor of Keanu Reeves (Neo) in the movie matrix first time introduced the leather trench coat mens full length style which became trendy and still in fashion.

There are varieties of mens long overcoat available at angel jackets. If you want to have it in blazer style, then we have them available including Edwin suede mens brown leather blazer. Moreover, if you are a fan of dead man "Undertaker" then you can also have his long leather coat. Finally, if you are fond of Ryan Gosling and his Blade Runner's shearling coat, then you are just a few clicks away from getting it.

So, hurry up what are you waiting for grab anyone or more leather coats and get yourself prepared for winters in style.


Must Have Mens Long Overcoat Styles

The mens long overcoat has been an essential part of a gentleman's dressing since the 18th century. They were formal wear that represented status worn with a military uniform. The coat changed a lot since then with subtle changes each decade according to the trend of that time.

During the early 20th-century, trench coats mens full length were made famous by the military men who wore single and double-breasted coats that extended till the knee or below. Later on, the style was adopted as a fashion by the British subcultures. Since then, it kept evolving and made its way to magazine covers where it was approved by the mainstream, making it a wardrobe staple. In today's time, the overcoat is considered a classic and versatile.

It's available in different colors, styles, and materials like wool, leather, cotton, etc. Here is how you can add an edge with the leather coat.

The Classic Style


Adopt a classic gentleman style with the timeless long leather coat, top it over your suit during chilly weather to stay adequately warm and protected. As for a casual approach, go for a button-down shirt and black jeans. The apparel is not only praised for its functionality but also a timeless style. It's made of genuine leather and features central button closure, add the black leather trench coat to your wardrobe, and you'll never have a hard time to decide what to wear.

The 1920 Gangster Look


Get a badass look with this 1920 gangster style; layer your double-breasted black long coat over a turtleneck and slack to complete the look. The coat is made of genuine leather and features a double-breasted button closure and lapels. Add mens black overcoat in your wardrobe for a quick, effortless style.

The Winter Look


Leather coats are already warm, but when it gets colder, you need to add a bit of thick layering, a leather coat with fur or shearling is a perfect option. The coat is streamlined with high-quality shearling that not only provides warmth but also looks luxurious. Wear it over a white shirt, t-shirt or sweater and jeans to nail the casual winter look. You can also wear the mens long fur coat over a suit as an extra layer of warmth for your formal wear.

The Vintage Car Coat Style


Car coats have been a thing since the early 1900s, worn by drivers and passengers. It was designed to provide warmth and protection. Over time, the coat has been shortened to the knee. The brown coat men above is a prime example of a modern form car coat; it comes with a pleasant camel brown color, single-breasted, long sleeve, slightly tapered fit, and button closures. Pair the coat with an attractive shirt and slacks and finish the look with a stylish leather boot.

Long Black Jacket


A modern jacket with the vintage characteristics of a coat, the long leather jacket mens is a great way to look stylish and keep warm. It’s made of genuine leather and lined with soft viscose. The large buttons, combined with the minimalistic design, add a classic edge to your style.

Throw it over a plaid shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers for a full-on casual look. Or wear it over a white tee and ripped jeans for effortless chic.

When should men wear leather coats?

You can layer our leather coats for men with any formal and casual clothing. We have styles designed for different occasions. If you're traveling abroad or going on a long journey, we'd suggest our cowhide leather walking coat. If it's freezing, try layering our best selling shearling bane coat

Are leather coats in Style 2020?

Yes, they are trending in both fall and winter. This winter, you can try our fur coats designed to provide extra insulation to the wearer. If you just want something stylish to wear in fall, the best options are long and car coats (short length coats)

can you wear a leather jacket underneath a coat men?

If it's too cold, there is not a problem. However, you will find our car coat and jackets too much warm that you'd only prefer a t-shirt or a hooded inside. 

how to wear men's leather car coat?

Style it with your favorite pair of jeans or chinos. Casually it can go with any dressing. Make sure to pick the right color tone to match with the car coat because color combination plays a huge role in creating a good look. 

How to wear a black leather coat mens

A black is the most trending color that pairs with almost any dark and light shade. When it comes to black coats, you can wear it as a 1920's gansta guy or winter gear.