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Motorcycle Jackets

What you need to know about motorcycle jacket?

Cruising on the highways, facing up the foes and doing whatever it takes to get to the finish line before them, battling to become the next king of the street, having rough and tough stance backed by rebellious nature; these all traits exactly define what the riders are all about. And nothing is possible unless you have the right gear. 

Motorcycle jackets for men express the same kind of rebellious nature which makes them a perfect gear piece even today. Unlike bomber jackets which are classy but not rebellous.

The big question remains is why you should consider biker leather jacket? Is mens leather motorcycle jackets durable enough to protect you while riding? Is it okay to wear it in summer?

There's nothing cooler than rocking a moto jacket and we've got all the gears you'll ever need, whether you want a classic black biker jacket with just a hint of wild, or you want your jacket to be as crazy as your personality.

First, you need to understand the type, style and most importantly, the fit.

Material Type:

Moto jacket is designed in different types of leather. You will find cowhide, lambskin, sheepskin, and more. The best is to consider quality and durablity while buying a style outerwear.

The more durable, the more it will protect you during ride. Casually speaking, a lambskin is a better option which can easily survive 5-6 years but it depends on how you care it. Cowhide jackets on the other hand, doubles the durabilty but the price is also increased. 




Usually, a moto jacket has asymmetrical collar, hardware, studs and zippers. You will find different designs such as cafe racer which has straight collar, bomber with fur collars and hooded styles as well. These are a few choices available in biker jacket men.


After style, fit is the most important aspect of a moto style jacket. The purpose of a outer is to make you look awesome and cool but wearing a bulky, or tight jacket ruins the overall appearance, especially for guys with big bellys.

Always ensure you pick the right size while purchasing a style, go a size up if you're in between two sizes because this will give you extra room to layer other clothes. There is a difference in US and Asian size so always consult the store when before ordering. The same fit rule applies to the women biker jackets.




Some motorcycle jackets for men look good from the outside but they don't offer the inner comfort. When you buy one, make sure it has good lining inside to keep you cosy through out the journey. Whether you are riding or just casually commuting. 

There are two types of lininig fabric: 

  • Viscose lining - It is soft, breathable, warm, insulated and serves very well. 
  • Cotton Lining - Machine washable, breathable and good for skin. May shrink overtime.


People also ask for

Should a biker jacket be tight?

It should rather be fitted than tight. Tight jacket will restrict your movement while riding and makes you wanna take off the jacket. Also avoid mens leather moto jacket that is loose.

Why do bikers wear black?

Riders either wear black or brown leather riding jackets. The reason is they are trendy among motorcyclists and part of their fashion. Just throw in any clothes you like to style with black or brown.

What does a leather jacket symbolize?

It symbolize toughness, and rebellious attitude. It show off your badass side and adds a heroid look. 

How do you wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker?

It's easy to style outer without looking like a biker. Let us share a few.

  • Leave the front open.

  • Avoid wearing gloves

  • Wear sneakers instead of boots

  • Pair it with jeans or chinos

Where to buy Biker leather Jackets online?

Angel Jackets is a great place to buy biker jackets online because of its smooth buying process, unbeatable prices, and remarkable customer-centric approach. They have a wide variety of biker jackets in different colors for both men and women backed by hassle-free, money-back guarantee.

Is it worth buying Biker Leather Jackets from

Angel Jackets have unbeatable prices. The jackets are high-quality and will last for years because they have genuine leather. The efficient process from manufacturing to shipping enables the customers to enjoy competitive prices with free shipping. It's totally worth it.

Are AngelJackets Biker Leather Jackets great?

Yes, utilizes its skill to design exquisite jacket which are made from premium quality lambskin, cowhide, and sheepskin. These are absolutely above par because of their iconic designs and unbeatable comfort and style.

Which Biker leather Jacket colors are available at AngelJackets?

We have many iconic and fashionable colors in its collection. Black is the hottest and most desired color, and brown leather jackets have an undeniable vintage feel to them. But you can also look superb by buying Maroon, Red, green, Grey and many more.

Do make biker jackets from real leather?

Biker jackets are real leather made from lambskin, and cowhide.

Is mens leather motorcycle jackets and biker style the same?

A bike jacket is a casual, short waist length jacket with a diagonal zipper and a low-cut collar. A race jacket is designed to be more form fitting. At Angel Jackets, you can find both styles.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is biker leather jacket?

A biker jacket is a part of the protective gear of a rider, it provides protection against road rash and provides wind resistance. The jacket is also worn as a symbol of style, featuring edgy zippers and metal-works.

Biker jackets look cool with cotton tees and jeans you can also elevate to look with refined chinos and button down shirts. Complete the style with leather boots or sneakers. 

Are biker jackets in style?

The jackets are not only in style they are also a staple piece for one's wardrobe. If you’re going  out just throw a nice looking biker jacket and you're ready to go.

What leather jackets are in style?

It totally depends upon your taste, if you're looking for traditional pieces, they’re not tied to any trend. But other modern versions of the traditional jackets such as biker jackets, cafe racer jackets and bomber jackets are pretty much in style. 

Are leather motorcycle jackets warm?

It will keep you warm enough during chilly days, if it gets too cold you can layer it with a warm cashmere sweater or a hoodie.