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Wedding Tuxedos And Suits


Your Complete Guide to Tuxedo vs Suit


Getting invited for a wedding is exciting, especially if it is your close friend or relative who is getting married. But at the same time, we get confused about what to wear on this occasion tuxedo vs suit. First of all, I would suggest it is best if you check out the invitation usually people include the dress code and there is always time mentioned there, you also need to take personal preference and venue in consideration while choosing outfit. First, we will discuss the difference between the two.

What's the Difference Between Suits and Tuxedos?

Tuxedos are formal evening dress, and the word itself is often used to describe business attire. Suits are also formal evening attire, but they're more commonly used in business settings. Let us explain more.

They are typically worn to weddings, where the groom must wear a black tuxedo. Tuxedos can be worn to other formal events as well – funerals, graduations, proms and so on. Suits also tend to be worn for funerals and graduations; however, they can also be worn for other formal occasions too.

Tuxedo for a Wedding

Tuxedo is the best formal wedding attire for men because it is usually worn for black tie or white tie events and wedding is such a kind of event. It is the most formal outfit and it has many hidden rules while wearing. It was known as black cut suit with satin lapel. But now things have changed. There are multiple tuxedo colors option with little variations. But before wearing this type of attire you should take a look at wedding dress code, and personal preference

Wedding Dress Code:

You can’t avoid wedding dress code while choosing an outfit if there they mentioned on invitation that preferred dress code is white tie or black tie then you can’t wear a three piece suit or anything else other than a tuxedo.

Personal Preference:

If there are no restrictions on invitation for attire then it is up to you, what you like to wear if you are comfortable and prefer a three piece suit then wear a three piece suit. You can also wear a classic black tuxedo or a navy tuxedo for a safer side if you find difficulty in buying the best suit combination. 

Suits to Wear To a Wedding


Double Breasted Suit


The Double Breasted suit is known as Italian style. It comes with a notch or peak lapel, and generally looks great on taller men. You don’t find a lot of people wearing the double breasted suit which means it’s a great way to standout.

3 Piece Suit Wedding


Three piece suits consist of trousers, jacket and a waistcoat. If you’re a person who wears a suit everyday to work you wouldn't want to look the same for a wedding. It kinda gets boring, that’s when the three piece suit comes into play. 

Vintage Suit Mens


Ironically the vintage suits are back into fashion, it’s probably because of movies like great gatsby and kingsman or maybe people started to realize the value of these classic pieces. Either way you can never go wrong with a vintage suit.


Styles are becoming more casual day by day. But still, dress codes are essential to be in the standard of an event or venue, because special occasions are for a group of people. No one wants to be over or under dressed. If the dress code is called, then make all your efforts to be in an appropriate mens tuxedo, which will give you and the host respect. 

People Also Ask For

1. What's the difference between a suit and a sport coat?

A. Suits is basically a complete set that includes a jacket, pants, vest, and tie. While Sports coat is a simple wool or fabric coat that can be worn both casually and formally. In fact, nowadays with the newly adopted comfortable workplace dress codes, this coat is becoming too common and choice of all.

2. Can you wear a black suit instead of a tuxedo?

A. Absolutely not. Tuxedos are worn for the evening necktie events, while the black suits are worn mostly by professionals, particularly lawyers, as business wear. If you wear that business wear to an event where you are supposed to appear according to the tradition, then it will obviously ruin your personality. 

3. Why are tuxedos so expensive?

A. It’s not the tuxedo itself but your choice that makes it expensive. If you are rushing behind the big brand names just because of the perceived value, you will surely end up emptying your pockets. People are saving huge by buying luxury tuxedos from cost-affected brands like Angel jackets in this smart world.

Angel jackets don’t charge exorbitantly and offer decent quality suit because of their smart business processes. 

4. Can you wear velvet jacket to a wedding?

A. Trying something out of the box represents your sophistication far better than others. And wearing a velvet jacket either in your own or someone’s else wedding is the best way to do it. While doing so, pick decent deep colors like dark red, maroon, blue, green, and orange.  

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are tuxedo and suit sizes the same?

A. The size measurement is exactly the same. You do not need to go up or down the size while getting a tuxedo or suit tailored. You can even share the measurement of your old suit or tuxedo It's the craftsman's duty to cut the particular style as needed and not yours.

2. What color suit should I wear to my wedding?

A. The most traditional suit colors to wear on a wedding day are navy blue, black, and gray. But going with such conventional colors may not get you many compliments. Therefore, we suggest you go with something new like a light pink peak lapel suit. This suit is an ideal choice to aloud your presence.

3. Is it OK to wear a suit jacket with jeans?

A. A suit jacket looks formal in appearance because of its structured style, and therefore you shouldn’t wear it with casual jeans. However, you can wear blazers and sportscoats instead because they are styled for a casual appearance and crafted from fabric that doesn’t look formal. 

4. What is the best suit for a man?

A. With a standard notch lapel two-button jacket in dark gray color, a modern fit suit is the best suit for a man. Its versatile style allows the man to wear it to many events, including business meetings, weddings, and conventions. In a nutshell, it is the only style that serves you on several occasions.

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