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Mens Brown Bomber Jackets

How Bomber Jackets Made It's Way Back To the Trend? 


Leather Jackets were first introduced as a functional uniform to fight during the wars on the frontlines. They were functional in every way for the military personnel. These outer made a huge impact that U.S established an Aviation that started designing these heavy duty flight jackets for the army.

Surprisingly, the flight jackets were only a gear until they were recognized as a true fashion item after a decade. Now, you will come across people wearing black and brown bomber jacket both young, veterans and old people. So what's the catch here? 

Why are bomber jackets popular?

It's not just about the functionality it offers, people tend to buy it more due to its association with the past war military and making it a must-have collectable item.  

After the war these leather jackets became a trend in every part of the world. They were popular among all youth and became a fashion statement for men & women.The teenagers started wearing them to look stylish and all more mature group of people started wearing this jacket to showcase their personality.

What colors are trending in brown leather bomber jacket?

Glad you asked! The best part of this color is the variations and shades which makes this a unique item to own. You will come across different tones like tan, light brown, dark brown, camel and the list goes on. So, how many shades are there?

Let us show you!

Tan Suede Shade


Tan is the most popular color of the brown family, which can be styled for both business and casual. Most of the women's fashion accessories such as purses and boots are tan which is why it is highly considered by ladies. Men also love to style this leather bomber jacket brown.

Dark Brown Shade


Here, we have a darker brown shade with bit of distressed finishing. The color has been around since the era when leather jackets were only worn by pilots. The collar is a bit more standup than the ones we've seen so far, and it has that vintage feel to it too.

This particular style became popular in the 1950s.

Lighter Shade / Camel


Light shades of brown leather bomber jacket goes well with dark contrast apparel. Wearing a dark pair of jeans with light brown outerwear creates that perfect ratio of contrast and light. Sophisticated pair of earrings, bracelet, and necklace will make you look like you’re about to take it to the streets.

If you're thinking of getting yourself these aged, old school and unique styles of brown bomber jacket mens then have a look at our collection. Angel Jackets has added functional pocket styles and detailing version of bomber jackets to help you transition day to night while fighting the cold winter and looking awesome. All are made of 100% real lambskin leather which makes our products more affordable, durable and easy to style.

At Angel Jackets, we want you to grab attention of people in the crowded market and get value for your money. With our range of high quality, trendy and stylish Bomber Jacket Men Collection that are available in modern designs, classy colorways and affordable prices. You won't regret to get your one from us. 

People Also Ask For

What do you wear with a brown bomber jacket?

A black contrast shirt, white low top sneakers, and black jeans will rock you to the next level. In light brown, a dark combination clothing will look good 

Is it good for winter?

Yes, the pilots used to wear these outer while piloting the plane in above air in cold conditions. It makes these jackets the best for winter and fall season. Go for lambskin, cowhide or brown suede bomber jacket mens.

How long should a bomber jacket be?

It should be above the torso and below the waist. It should sit just below the belt and stick to it.

Can you wear a hoodie under?

It is a smart pair as you can see many bomber style has a hoodie inside to double the functionality. If you want to elevate the personality, layer a hoodie inside that matches.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do you know if a jacket is too big?

If you're feeling the weight or loose around the shoulders, the jacket is definitely big for you. It is better to get it adjusted by tailor which may cost extra or even ruin the jacket style.

How do I choose a bomber style?

First check your body build and age. If you're young, you can wear a slim-fit style but if you aged a bit, you need to skip the slim-fit and try something a little baggy or loose to look good. 

How do you know if a bomber jacket fits?

First check are you feeling restricted? Is it snug on the shoulders? When you raise your arms, do you feel tightness anywhere? If yes, it means you need to go for a size up to enjoy better fit. 

What shoes do you wear with a brown bomber jacket?

Depending on the color, a brown jacket will look good with black or black jacket will go with brown shoes. Try not to match the same color, layer different color clothes and accessories. 

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