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Brown Leather Jackets

Reasons to Own Our Mens Brown Leather Jackets?

When it comes to choosing a leather jacket, most people will go for a black leather jacket without even giving it a second thought. It's time you break through the old shackles and try something new. The black jacket might be the most versatile outwear we agree, but brown leather jackets are the Jacket of "The Rugged Man."  

Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt all have shown what it means to own a badass Brown Jacket. You may not have a lot of choice in the past, but times changed. Angel Jackets has a new exquisite collection of brown leather biker jackets that will bedazzle you. Be it the classic field jacket or the ultra-modern Johnson leather jacket we them all. 

For people who like the vintage look, we have the brown leather blazer and the leather coat, pair it with a sweater or turtle neck for a gentleman look. No one can deny wearing a vintage leather jacket. And Angel Jackets is one place to find it all under one roof.

Brown Leather Jackets by Angel Jackets

The exclusive leather jacket brown lineup consists of so many options to choose from making it easier for you to decide what style suits you the best. The best thing about our leather jackets is that they're made up of premium quality real leather and are known to last for years.


Brown Leather Shades

Black leather jacket is the best deal but it's obvious you need a new wardrobe staple that could add life to your exhausted styling option.

At times like this, the brown leather wear comes into play. But wait before you go ahead on buying a new jacket; make sure to check out which shade is best for your skin.



Light Brown:

The mens light brown leather bomber jacket is smart and stylish; it's perfect for cool springtime when it's warm enough to leave your thick layering behind but still chilly enough to wear your favorite leather jacket.

Light tone jackets are a perfect selection for spring; you can wear it over a white t-shirt and look chic as heck. Another option would be to layer it over a black slim-fit tee and jeans for a stylish spring look.

Dark Brown:

The dark brown cafe racer jacket mens is a perfect match for autumn; you can also layer it up for chilly evenings. The tapered and minimalistic look of the jacket looks flattering with a plain white shirt and casual jeans. Make sure the jacket fits right because no matter how nice your jacket looks if it doesn't fit right, you're losing the point.


If you want a tough look while looking classy, you need to layer tan shade in brown. 

Also, check out the brown leather jacket womens for your loved one to strengthen your love bond with her.


Type of leathers we use


When it comes to quality of our leather, you will be surprised to know that we use durable and sustainable raw leather later tanned, and processed to ensure they don't discolor or leave noticeable marks after many years of use. 

Our leather jackets are made of lambskin and cowhide. Let us discuss why we prefer these two hides:



It is soft and gentle. The skin adapts well to the wearer’s movements. Comfortable and smooth, our lambskin leather jacket make everyday activities easy and effortless. The first impression you get when touching it is the non-slip and soft texture. Also, it’s pliable and has great durability. 


This is the most durable type of leather, is ideal for all outdoorsmen and women. It’s great for winter weather, but can get hot in the summer months. This material is perfect for the winter, pulling away sweat and keeping you comfortable. It works just as well in the fall and spring, helping to keep you dry and cool. 


Leather jacket hardware


We pay close attention to each detail, including zipper, snap button and seams, making sure you get the best of what you pay for.  Each of our jackets is made with the highest attention to detail and quality. We don’t miss a thing so you won’t find yourself dealing with problems later on. 

These are not just worn by regular people, they are also considered by motorcyclist as a part of their motorcycle gear to provide protection; later, it was adopted by other subcultures like punk, pop, and motorcycle gangs who made it a symbol of toughness and rebelliousness.

People also ask for

What do you wear under a brown leather jacket?

You can style any hoodie, or a simple t-shirt underneath the jacket. If you opt for a better look, try matching brown jacket with black apparels. 

Are mens brown leather bomber jacket cool?

Yes, it's an alternative choice to the trending black. You can wear it with almost every dress code. Both formal and casual.

Can I wear my leather jacket everyday?

Yes but you need to maintain it as well. Try to avoid wearing during rainfall because water can make a leather stiff and dry. It can also ruin its shining. You can revive a jacket using leather polish and other chemical sprays. 

How do you break in a leather jacket?

If the is tight or restricting your movement, try to break in by wearing it atleast 1 hour a day at home. This will add more space to fit in.

Can you wear a brown leather motorcycle jacket over any dress code?

Yes, a moto style can go with any dress code. Wear it over t-shirts and other dresses, your choice!

What type of jackets you make in brown?

Angel Jackets makes every trendy jacket that are in style. Our brown category includes some of the finest designs including motorcycle inspired by Brando and Negan. Also, we have cafe racer jackets which are more casual forward and versatile. 

Whether you want to channel your inner rebel or a stylist, our jacket will help you do it.

What do you use inside the mens brown jacket outerwear?

 Angel Jackets use skin-friendly viscose lining which makes styling more comfortable and easy. Almost all of our jackets features viscose inside.

Frequently Asked Question

Where to buy brown leather jacket?

Leather jackets in brown color can be found in any fashion retail store, but if you are looking for premium quality material, exclusive designs and unbeatable price checkout Angel Jackets.

Are brown jackets in style?

In a room full of black leather jackets, the brown jacket is a perfect way to stand out. Moreover, it looks flattering worn with black jeans and a white t-shirt.

What matches Brown jacket?

The brown leather outerwear is highly versatile, and there are literally limitless combinations of clothing that go with it, be it a graphic tee or solid tone shirts, everything looks great with a brown jacket.

How to wear brown leather jacket?

The jacket can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, wear it with a cotton t-shirt and jeans for a casual look or a button-down shirt and chinos to look preppier.

How to clean brown leather jacket?

 To spot clean leather jacket dip a soft cloth into mind detergent solution and apply it on the stain, Use another damp cloth to remove the detergent and water stains.