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Prom Suits Tuxedos

Prom Outfits Men

Dressing up for prom seems like a hassle for most people because of a lot of complicated styles available. Moreover, it’s a highly anticipated event, therefore, you want to land the right look. There are unlimited Prom outfits for guys and we’ve narrowed them down to some of the best. You can either go for a smart looking suit or the sophisticated tuxedo.

Angel Jackets excels in selling the best looking mens Prom suits and Prom tuxedos inspired by the latest trends as well as the old traditional styles. Out collection includes outfits inspired by top celebrities like Chris Evans, Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves and Daniel Craig (James Bond). You have a lot of choices in terms of colors; we have shades ranging from basic blue, burgundy, black and white to fancy unconventional colors like orange and pink. Good news for you these high quality outfits are available at reasonable prices which means you do not need to break the bank in order to look great.

Tuxedo and Suit Ideas for Prom 2021

Want to make your prom night memorable? Want to hit the red carpet in style? But sadly, you don't know where to begin.

There may be a lot of questions popping up in your mind like whether to wear a suit or tuxedo? The color, styles, etc. Don't worry, we will help you get everything sorted out so that you can feel confident and impress your friends.

Prom Suit or Tuxedo?

If the event dress code is strictly black tie, then you should wear a tuxedo; however, the modern black-tie rules are a bit flexible, which means you can try different colors like red, midnight blue, green, etc.

If the event has no strict dress code, either you have a choice to dress up with a tuxedo or dress a little less formal with a tailored suit. Here are some trendy tux and suit ideas for prom 2021.

Prom Tuxedo Ideas

The Contemporary Look


The main difference between a tuxedo and suit is the use of satin; a tux always comes with a satin lapel, button, and/or pocket piping. Here are two basic tuxedo styles you can nail your prom outfit with.

The first ones a royal blue shawl lapel Prom tuxedo white the other is an slim ivory white peak lapel tux, wear a white fly collar shirt and black bowtie to complete the look.


The Creative Style


If you want to elevate your style even further, get a little more creative with a two-tone tuxedo jacket like the ones above. The red jacket comes with a black satin stripe lapel and jetted pockets while the mens black tux features a combination of red satin lapels, buttons, and pockets that stand out very well.

Wear a formal white shirt combined with a black or silver bowtie and brace yourself for flattering compliments.


Unconventional Style


Velvet tuxedos are ideal for proms; the best thing about them is that they're available in various colors ranging from vibrant orange to dark green, name any color, and you'll get it.

It's best to wear a black bowtie along any other color will either not stand out or look too off.


Prom Suit Ideas

Match Your Date's Dress


This perfect style has been trending since 2015, and it's still at its peak. You can match your tie and waistcoat to the dress of your date.

The mens suit color should be versatile enough to support the look; black or grey would be ideal in this case. Imagine the guy above wearing a maroon suit? Wouldn't it look hideous?

Preppy red and black suit


Every style in this article is unique, and this one is no less, you can get the same futuristic look with a desginer prom red suit with peak lapel worn with a black shirt and metallic tie finish the look with a pair of black oxford shoes. If you're looking for an easy way to impress, just layer over a sport coat over your current dress up to look extra sharp. 

Checkered Suit


The most significant advantage of suits over tuxedos is that you can try different prints like plaid and stripes. You can wear a check suit with a plain white fit shirt and maroon tie; however, a rule of thumb is not to match the pocket square with the tie or shirt; instead, it should complement them.

If you're wondering, should I rent or buy a tuxedo? In our opinion, buying is a better option rather than rental because you own it and it will stay with you for prom, wedding events or beyond for other occasions as well.

These were some of the most innovative prom tuxedos and prom suits for men; you can either replicate the same style or add a bit of your creativity for a formalwear. In case you're searching for stylish suits and tuxedos for prom, don't forget to check out Angel Jackets shop for the best price with Free Shipping.

People Also Ask For

1. Is it Ok to wear a suit to prom?

A. To get the most perfect answer to this question, you need to check the dress codes set by your school. If the codes require you to dress formally like a black-tie event, then you cannot go for the suit. However, if there is leniency in the codes and no specific style is mentioned, you can surely wear a suit with a necktie.

2. Is it cheaper to buy or rent a tux?

A. Don’t go behind the people’s customary suggestion of getting rental tuxedos. In fact, these rental tuxedoes cost even more than buying new tuxedos, especially when you are rushing to the rental store during prom days. Even after paying a sufficient amount, you get the off-fit stuff that results in affecting your persona. Although, when you have your own custom-fit tuxedo, you can wear it repeatedly, availing your investment in the long term.

3. What are the best looking tuxedos?

A. Midnight blue, black, light pink, and off-white tuxedos look best in all formal and semi-formal events. These color tuxedos suit all skin tones and give the wearer a sophisticated catchy look. If your friends are going for striking color dinner jackets and you want to maintain your decent personality, these color choices are perfect for you.

4. Can you wear black to prom?

A. Yes, it's the most trending color and can easily make you look good. It will also save you a lot of money as you can wear this color round the year, covering all summer, winter, autumn, and spring events. But, if you want to create a lasting impression, try a different color that will make you look and feel unique.    

5. How do guys stand out at prom?

A. Wearing a whimsical color can stand you out sparkling in the prom. Therefore, try some different unique colors in your suit or tuxedo like orange, purple, and maroon dinner jackets with the same color trousers or neutral black color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How formal is prom?

A. It is not formal but a semi-formal type event where you need to style a tuxedo or a suit. The event encourages you to look sharper because there you get to impress your girl or future wife. The more elegant and classy you will dress, the more people will be impressed by you.

2. What do you do on prom night? 

A. At the prom, high school juniors and seniors gather to perform certain activities. These activities typically involve dancing, dates, and dinner. But some schools also add a twist by surprising the attendees with additional activities like a dancing chair game, singing, and selfie station.  

3. How do I know what color dress suits me?

A. For a gorgeous look, don’t just look at the colors that impress you and others. Instead, check how those colors look with your skin tone. Generally, neutral color suits and tuxedos look perfect on all guys, irrespective of their skin colors and body shapes. If you’re doubtful about your choice, stick to the neutral colors only. 

4. Why are tuxedos so expensive?

A. New and rental tuxedos tend to get expensive near the prom season. They are not always expensive, but certain events inflate the prices. Still, there are brands like Angel Jackets that offer tuxedos at an affordable price round the year.

5. What should you not wear to prom?

A. Don’t wear short-length snug-fit dinner jackets or floral printed dinner jackets. That will give you a funky look, and except for getting some weird attention, you’ll not win the heart of anyone. Therefore, stick to the colors and style that look decent and fit modern.