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Mens Aviator Jacket

Inject Vintage Dose To Your Style

What you need to know about Aviator Jackets?

Also known as "Pilot Jackets" is a style that is absolute timeless and inspired vintage gears of pilots from the World War era. Today, it's one of the most iconic men's fashion especially in the winters.

The actual purpose it was made for to keep the pilots insulated in the open roof aeroplanes against the high above weather conditions. After the war, these miltary gears are redesigned to work more as year-round wardrobe essential.

Mens Leather Aviator Jackets - How To Wear It? 

Everyone loves to wear leather, it's a staple for menswear and similarly an aviator over the top will give you the best outlook you deserve. Here are styling ways we recommend.

The Formal Edit


If you're looking for complete formal touch while still remaining awesome. You should layer a brown brown aviator jacket over your formal edit. Whether you're off duty or on duty, the compliments will follow you all day. 

The Weekend Style


To help you manage your style through the weekend, we suggest you to try black aviator jacket because it's trendy, and you can achieve the best look to impress your special lady. If you want elevate more, try pairing with brown turtleneck and boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are aviator jackets warm?

Yes, they feature fur collar or lininig to give you the warm feeling while styling effortlessly. Sometimes it is only fur collar or the overall lining is fur. 

How should an aviator jacket fit?

It should fit like any regular jacket but not too tight or loose. Go for a size up to ensure it fits better but avoid going a size down because too tight may restrict the movement. 

What do you wear with a brown aviator jacket?

Try anything that is black. Or go for a navy jeans and white t-shirt which is a perfect casual ensemble to pair with brown aviator.

Can water ruin the fur?

Light rain or snowfall won't affect the fur that much but if it gets vet, leave it out to dry for an hour or more. Do not use hair dryer because the fur is delicate.

People also asks

What fur do you use?

Angel Jackets do not prefer real animal fur. We instead use faux fur which replicates that of the real and gives the same feeling. All of our jackets are warm for winter and fall season. 

Is Aviator Jacket still in style 2021?

Yes, it's a vintage piece that will never go out of style anytime soon. We own all designs that are inspired by the original outers from the wartime era. 

How many colors are available on Angel Jackets?

You can find black, brown, tan, grey and more. These are most trending colors for aviator bomber jackets.

How many styles are available?

In aviator we have faux-fur collar, bomber, utility, long & short length, biker asymmetrical and many styles that are trending in every season. Plus, these will help you style effortlessly any day.