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Mens Leather Bomber Jackets


Stylish Mens Leather Bomber Jackets and Flight Jackets


If one thing that makes you look good, that is a leather jacket. Because there are so many ways to style it and it does not require much efforts. It's been more than a century, the fashion never stopped. Speaking of styles, leather jackets have gone through various make overs and still we're seeing new upgrades every year. Bomber is popular design in the category which provides extra functionality to the wearer on the go.

Today, we're going to discuss we thing we know so far about a bomber leather jacket. Let's share a few things you don't know about bomber jackets. 



Bomber Jackets have been a staple in men's fashion for a long time; introduced initially in world war two for pilots, the jacket featured bulky material, loose armholes, and elastic hem and cuffs. Bomber jacket men can be found made of different materials, including satin, suede jacket, wool, and leather. It's fascinating to know how a functional piece of clothing has now transformed into a timeless piece of outerwear that is essential for every man.

Whether you're looking for something to keep warm during winter or outerwear to complete your casual outfit, genuine leather bomber jacket is the answer.



Bomber outerwears originally served as a uniform for jet fighters, pilots and commanders in WWII. It was given the name flight jacket and B2 bomber jacket and later on, it became a integral clothing. After the war, the style widely got accepted around the world, especially in the US for its rib-knit cuffs, collar and style.  Other name it received was mens aviator bomber jacket.



While you may heard the name leather bomber jacket, actually the style is also available in other fabric and material. Some companies has released light-weight and versatile interpretation of the style which are quite affordable compared to leather.  

Here's a short history about Bomber Jackets.

Here are several ways you can incorporate a mens bomber leather jacket into your dressing according to different seasons.

Winter Essentials Aviator Bomber Leather Jackets

When it comes to winters, functionality has a higher preference as compared to fashion. However, you can still look stunning if you dress smartly.


The brown aviator jacket mens is incredibly warm, which makes it an ideal piece for winters; the jacket expresses a powerful statement. Therefore, it's better to stick with a minimalistic approach when layering, anything from neutral color sweaters to t-shirts will work well but avoid graphic tee and flashy shirts that will make it look as if you're trying too hard. Combine this mens leather jacket with chinos, white canvas, sneakers, or with athletic shoes to infuse a dash of stylish casualness. Whereas if you want to have a smart casual look add a pair of black or brown leather formal shoes.

mens shearling bomber jacket are best to wear in fall and winter season but do keep it mind, it may not provide protection in rainfall and extreme cold conditions. 

Bomber Style Jackets for Fall

It's not freezing cold but still chilly enough to show off your stylish jacket. You can experiment with different styles, preferably darker shades like the leather bomber black jacket mens or the  leather bomber mens brown jacket.


Jackets with heavy detailing like multiple pockets and studs look impressive for the autumn season; you can also try the hooded bomber jacket that comes with a detachable hood, it eliminates the extra bulk that you get with a hoodie. When it comes to layering, the same rules apply as winters, keep it simple and let the jacket do the talking. Other options available include bomber jacket mens with fur collar and bomber suede leather jacket men.

Check out the best hooded leather jackets

Lighter Shades for Spring

You can wear any style of mens flight jacket for spring. The thickness may vary depending on how cold it gets. However, as far as the colors go, wearing lighter shades is a general rule of thumb.


A lightweight white bomber jacket mens is a great way to stand out; it's perfect for the moderately cold spring weather and also looks incredibly stylish. You can get a little fancy with the layering if you'd like to. Other options to try out for this weather would be blue bomber jacket mens, olive green bomber jacket mens, mens flight jacket and more.

At Angel Jackets, we have the broadest range of mens bomber style jackets and flight jackets, including a black bomber jacket mens that comes with a minimalistic design for you to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Secondly, we have the all-time classic Top Gun Brown Bomber Jacket that feels like a dream come true to own one. Not to mention our all-time best seller Swedish bomber shearling coat for men. We also have black bomber jacket mens with a fur collar to give you that extra bit of warmth when the weather gets cold outside.

For a different yet attractive style, you can also wear distressed leather jackets.

People also ask for

How do men wear a leather bomber jacket mens?

It can be styled with jeans, hoodie, overcoat, chinos, shoes or leather boots and accessories. You can even wear it over a simple tank top. Brown bomber goes well with black. The leather bomber jackets became the fashion statement of the youth. Now, a lot of people prefer to wear it as compared to other slimming coats.

Why do pilots wear leather jackets?

Since airplanes are in high altitudes and speed, pilots are require to protect themself so flight jacket were considered the best choice for such experience. As of 2021, you can find lightweight leather bomber jacket too. 

Why is it called a bomber jacket?

It was a military uniform of pilots and forces in the army. It was worn by military in World War I and II that is why is was called a bomber jacket. It is now a part of fashion wear. 

What to wear with a tan bomber jacket?

The tan color usually goes best with dark navy jeans and black shoes. Suede bomber will make a really good pair with blue jeans. You can even wear it over a simple tank top.

When to wear mens brown leather bomber jacket?

 You don't have to select a specific time or occassion for this style. However, summer can be a difficult season to layer this because some regions are extra humid when summer comes. While in some countries, people easily wear a leather apparel to style ands stay fit. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Are leather bomber jackets in style?

The bomber jacket is a timeless pieces that can never go out of style. However, the newer versions come with a slim down look and multiple color options. The trend is getting upgraded every year, and this time, we've noticed so many different styles of bomber jackets brought in the market. 

Should leather jackets be tight or loose?

Your best option would be to go for a tailored fit that is neither too tight or loose. Secondly, if you’re going to wear it with a heavy sweater, make sure you size up. In case of leather bomber jacket mens styles, you don't have to size down for a snug-fit. 

What is bomber leather?

Leather jackets with stretchable waist and cuffs are called bomber jackets. The original style was first introduced during the early 1900s, known as flight jackets. War fighters during World War I and II used to wear these jackets to protect themselves. War is over but the fashion stayed. 

What year were bomber jackets popular?

The Bomber jacket was first introduced in Europe during the 1950s. However, it became a popular style during the 1960s when it was adopted by the non-military audience, especially the English sub-cultures who adopted the trends.  It is 2021, it is still popular. 

Why are bomber jackets so popular?

The jacket is popular because it works for every occasion— Dress up or down. Great for layering during winters, wear it with a scarf or hoodie for an impressive look.  For winter season, mens bomber jacket with fur collar are among popular choice to stay warm in colder days.