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Bomber Jacket



Fashion has a long history that started way back during the early times when the human was living in the stone age. Ever watched the Flintstones? Indeed, humanity did not have that many resources we have today but things gradually developed. 

When we describe clothing today, it’s all from the previous era, including that one style known as Bomber Jacket. It was introduced as a military uniform for aviators to keep themselves safe while piloting the plane, but it eventually became a style staple for the current generation.

Ever wondered why bomber jackets have such an iconic status in fashion? Or wanted to discover late-night secrets that help men pull off this classic, manly piece with so much ease? Well, look no further. Here is a guide offering you everything you need to know about bomber jackets.


The rich history of this coveted outerwear hasn’t stopped fashion designers from reinventing and tweaking it over the years. From the leather ones with multiple pockets to cotton embellishments such as fur, this jacket has remained one of the most popular fashion trends since its creation.

It commonly features rib-knit trimming for cuffs, collar, waistband, and sometimes it only has cuffs but not rib-collar. It is comfortable and allows you to dress up or down as per your choice. 

Let’s break this down:

  • First worn by military pilots during WWI and WWII.
  • Commonly made of leather, cotton, or satin.
  • Easy to dress up and down with casual and formal clothes.
  • The outer now falls under the trendy fashion wear category.


Introduced in the 1930s and has since become a staple item for any fashion-conscious individual. The first version, “flight jackets,” were made by U.S. Army and the reason was the pilots had to fly in open-air cockpits. The U.S. Army started distributing these to Air Forces and Navy personals for protection purposes. They were also given code names like MA-1, MA-2, B-15, etc. 

These later reappeared and reinvented during the 50s and 60s, eventually becoming a true style staple. 



This style is a mid-weight military flight jacket, usually water resistance worn by the air forces. Today, it’s one of the most iconic pilot-inspired bomber outers, which adds a timeless appeal to the personality— widely accepted by fashion-conscious folks.


Similar to MA-1 but with fur collar, pen pocket, and nylon-cotton blend. It’s more famous for its fur collar that replaces the collar making it warmer than other bomber outerwears.


MA-1 silhouette is a synonym of its procedure MA-1 with advancements to the original. It was adopted into fashion in the 80s, and here are some of its features and benefits:

Irvin Flying:

This one is specifically made for winter designed to keep pilots warm in the freezing winter. It is overall featured with fur lining inside to accommodate while flying or traveling.

Today’s generation is a big fan of these shearling outers because these are inspiring items to make out fashion statement in the wintertime.

Why was it introduced in the first place?

During the wartimes, pilots and military officers needed something warm, light, durable, and functional to keep the momentum at pace – even in the coldest weather.

The reason why it’s called Bomber is due to its origin. Initially, the coat was designed for pilots who were involved in bombing missions during the Second World War.

Now, a sporty yet stylish piece that inspires a feeling of nostalgia while looking futuristic.

How did bomber jackets get their name?

It received the name “bomber or flight” due to its connection with the World War and military fighters. It is also referred to as a flight jacket and was originally worn by high-ranking officers in the military during World War I and II. 

Fortunately, this popular outerwear style has been adopted by fashion designers and evolved into a streetwear mainstay that is seen quite often today.

 Why is it so popular among us? 

To describe this in one line – An outerwear that works anytime and anywhere!

Regardless of season, this staple is great for layering with every winter or summer wear. It has become a staple for every season, and the reason is simple, they are warm, easy to wear, and look good with pretty much any outfit. Whether you want to stop the cold from freezing you or boost your confidence, this outerwear is your go-to pick.

The aviator version was dark brownish or just brown, but the style is now available in versatile colors like black, green, blue, maroon, and more. 

Types of Bomber Jackets:

No doubt it’s a style in many types. Each made for a different purpose so let us discuss the fabrics of this fashion.  Moreover, the introduction of satin, cotton, and jeans fabric has extended its use, making it the only outerwear style to wear throughout the year.  


Leather is a popular material used for making clothing today. Even the first bomber jacket introduced by the military forces was made of leather, but they were often bulkier than todays’s fitted ones while retaining the same look. This unique factor made it a useful attire through out the year. So, if you find a real bomber leather jacket, go for it! 


It took a new turn by making it essential for every season. That’s why a cotton jacket is designed in a lightweight and striking range of colors to go with daily-routine fashion. Letterman is one example.


If you want an effortlessly cool look without putting extra weight, a bomber satin jacket is what you need. The polyester material makes it lightweight, wrinkle-free, and street-ready.


The big question is, can you wear a bomber jacket regardless of age or body type?  Well, the answer is – YES.

You can wear any type, but it is better to know why you even need a bomber jacket in the first place? However, they weren't originally designed for practical use but rather for aviators and then flight suits, but things changed after the wartime. 

If you are a rider, a bomber biker jacket will look good on you, and similarly, sports athletic or young college students can style a letterman jacket. So who can wear it?


A bomber jacket is a kind of jacket that is designed for biking. Also, the military aviator's bikers can use this kind of jacket during riding. Its ribbed-collar, cuffs, and additional pockets make it a perfect item for bikers.

College students / sport athletes:

Sports-crazed fans and college nerds are provided with more colors thanks to the bomber-themed varsities. These are also called sportswear and are traditionally made of cotton and leather sleeves.  Luckily, these jackets have become popular today – especially in summer. 

Over 50s:

Men who are above 50 years usually are in the role of a great dad or loving grandfather. These roles bring a big responsibility to themselves, and men don't have to feel young and trendy like they were in the 20s. But it doesn't mean that men would not try a bit different look than the traditional one. It should be limited to the stylistic ways used before you turned 50 years old.

So a bomber jacket is the answer it should not be fitted or bulky but rather sit well over the body. Avoid zipping up since it will make the body feel uncomfortable or restricted.

9 to 5 style:

Apart from casual flavors, your 9 to 5 work hours wardrobe also needs an upgrade. A bomber jacket can render perfectly with office clothing and make you smart effortlessly, especially when you’re getting late. 

It has a stylish layout to impress customers, clients, or business partners. 


Bomber jacket is stylish and practical, which makes sense why it can be a great asset for weekenders. You won’t need to worry about the proportion and color when matching with weekend clothes because the bomber jacket is just the perfect attire for it.

Styles of Bomber Jackets:

The reason why this outerwear made us want to buy one is the features because you won’t find these properties on any other jackets.

The modern versions took a compelling turn by adding cool features to the classic style. Here are different variations in bomber leather jackets.



The popularity made designers launch styles that are never seen before, including a hooded bomber jacket. This looks similar to the original, with the only added feature is the hood to keep you extra warm while giving a touch of style to the appearance.



What made bomber or flight jacket a unique attire is the vintage texturing or distressed, in other words. The reason why it is still considered is because the style is intended to be a throw-back fashion. It will take you back to the 50s or 60s era.



To brace the cold, you just need a bomber with shearling fur lining, which is solely made for winter and fall. Plus, these are upgraded with a strong fur collar for extra style points and warmth.



The suede leather jacket is a great outer to pair with off-duty fashion such as jeans, t-shirt, hoodies, and other casual items. The timeless design makes it unique. The bomber is more popular in suede leather than any other fabric or material. It is a total bomb!


Overall inspired and lightweight version is a letterman with features similar to a bomber jacket, such as rib-knit cuffs, waistline, and collar. Some varsities are made with multiple fabrics such as leather which adds an extra boost to the appearance. 

Varsity Jacket is a classic hallmark of High school and college sports. Varsity letterman jackets are commonly worn as a uniform, whereas the Letterman jacket has become a popular clothing trend.

Celebrities That Wear Bomber Jackets:

Nowadays, bomber jackets can be seen too in movies and on television series. They are worn by different fashion icons like David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Drake, and many others. 

These are also being used in creating very fashionable streetwear attires, which look great when worn with a pair of skinny jeans or pants. It has been quite popular among many celebrities what will be taken into account are the bomber jacket styles that have become highly sought after by clothing lovers nowadays.



Beckham is a well-known footballer who is something that you need to take into consideration. He is the person who refined the latest fashion and made it more stylish.

Likewise, here’s how he dons a bomber-style jacket casually over his routine-clothes which looks fantastic from every angle.



The spy series Mission Impossible made Tom Cruise wore cool outfits while sprinting, climbing, and jumping from top buildings. From suits, tuxedos to leather jackets, his fashion-inspired all the guys out there. And who could ignore his blue bomber jacket from Mission Impossible: Fall Out?  

Toms Cruise Jackets comes in a piece of work that is incomparable to any other outer. Made with signature details, this jacket has been trendy among A-list celebrities and trendsetters.



According to GQ, this jacket is what made Ryan Gosling a style hero among the fans. The jacket not only turned him into a badass anti-hero but also gave fans something they’d try on Halloween and in everyday life.  

Made of silk with embroidered scorpion logo, the exact replica is available on Amazon and other online stores on the web. Just Google “Drive Jacket,” and you will find so many shops selling this bad-boy.



Another variation especially made for the colder months is a bomber shearling jacket. It is usually made of sheepskin that is stylish, warm and makes the skin feel good.

It’s designed for adventurous cool guys like Tom Hardy who donned a shearling bomber style jacket in the movie Dunkirk who is giving us a few styling tips for winter.



Based on the popular comic, the Riverdale series made a huge hit and still streaming on Netflix. The TV show took a darker tone than its comic version featuring a same small group of young high school teenagers. Despite all that, the show managed to bring extensive and cool fashion ideas for us, and here, Archie (played by KJ Apa) is wearing a bomber varsity jacket almost in every episode.  

A stylish piece to rock with casual settings that channels vintage vibes in a gorgeous way.



Not only fashion but the bomber jacket has also made villains and anti-heroes of the movies look badass. This varsity worn by El Diablo in Suicide Squad is a perfect example on how you can use the style as a cosplay.


We discussed all the crucial aspects of bomber outer, let us share how to style this iconic piece. Bomber jackets provide great durability, mobility, and styling options for men and women, so let’s dive into our list.



What you need

Black Bomber Suede JacketGray HoodieBlack TrouserWhite Sneakers

Did you ever think of elevating your off-duty casual fashion? All you need is to layer a black bomber over your hoodie to create a classy silhouette.



What you need

Brown Bomber Suede JacketGray ShirtBlack Trouser

Brown Suede Jacket is essential to express your personality and to carry your style statement. Whether you are off duty or at work, layering suede is the best way to look sharp, elevate your daily outfit and make an effortless fashion statement!



What you need

Black Bomber Cotton JacketWhite T-shirtBlack Trouser

A long journey requires a stylish ensemble. If you want to get creative, try bomber black over a white t-shirt, black denim, and don’t forget to wear black aviator shades.



What you need

Burgundy Bomber JacketWhite T-ShirtRipped Blue Jeans

Bomber maroon jacket and blue ripped denim jeans are among the most favorite fashion elements that specifically elevate your outfit.  This combo also deserves points for the fantastic color contrast between blue and maroon, which I find very appealing.



What you need

Brown Bomber Leather JacketGreen Sleeveless SweaterGrey Dress Pant

Want to give a good impression or just envy those annoying coworkers and managers? A bomber-style jacket got you covered! Plus, it’s available in lightweight, too so you can put those heavy blazers and suit jackets back in your closet for winter.

Style tips for Bomber Jackets:

Know your body type – a bomber can go both bulky and fitted. If your body is slim and athletic, you can wear fitted. While adults aged 50 to 60 with not-so-athletic bodies can go with bulky styles.

Stick to the classic – you do not have to put too much effort into styling a bomber jacket. Always pick classic colors like black or brown because you can instantly wear these regardless of your dress code.

Keep it casual – if you want to nail a cool look, always layer it with casual jeans, a shirt, and shoes. Just throw it over a white t-shirt, and you’re all set to go out. 

Get creative – you can wear it countless ways. Have fun with styles by coordinating your jacket with different casual attires.

Anyone can wear it - Women think that bomber jackets are only for guys, but the reality is you can style it and make it feminine.

All seasonal – bomber jackets are made in all types of material such as leather, nylon, cotton, etc., so regardless of weather, you can style one.

What you need to know before buying a Bomber Jacket?

Quality – design style and color are good, but the quality is also important. Remember, you want to wear it for many years, right? So, always check the quality of the material.

If it's leather, go for lambskin or cowhide because these are durable and gets better with age. 

Fit – After quality check, make sure it fits you good otherwise your money is wasted. Try it out before purchase or if you’re shopping online, check the sizing guide.

Features – what makes a jacket functional are its features. Similarly, bomber jackets were known for having large pockets, so is it there? Inspect overall features and also see if they are functioning properly.

Color – pick the right colors to match with your dressing. Try black or brown but if you own these shades, go for navy or maroon or green. 

Stitching – the jacket must have clean stitching that should not hang or loose.  

Inner lining – you cannot style unless the inner lining is comfortable. Check lining whether it is warm enough.

Length – many ignore this but length can make you look good or bad. Try to keep it a little below the waistline. 

How to maintain a Bomber Jacket?

Use brush - a dusty jacket could be cleaned easily by using a brush. This process can be applied to all fabrics, including leather, cotton, and suede. 

Dry or damp cloth – minor stains can be cleaned using a dry cloth but if the stain mark is stubborn, use a slightly wet cloth to remove the spot. 

Do not wash – try your best not to wash your bomber jacket - especially if it’s leather. 

Always hang it – when done wearing the jacket, instead of folding it, hang it in your closet. 

Do not leave it wet – dry immediately by hanging outdoors. Do not expose to direct sunlight. 


Easy to style:

Your worries for having a great outer ends after you purchased a bomber jacket. Since it’s a single attire with all the cool features, whether you need it for cold weather or just-style. 

Different colors:

A bomber jacket comes in many styles as well as colors. Even in the same black and brown, you will find different shades from lighter to darker and gritty texture. 

Cool features:

Like I said before, features are what bomber jacket is all about! It makes the outer more functional and fun to wear. 

Versatility – as you see, versatility is also important in both real life and fashion. It’s a piece that can be adapted in season and occasion. Regardless of what dress code, it will not make your style go wrong. 

Minimalist approach – zip or without zip, your choice!


Price – a bomber jacket is a popular fashion item as well as expensive. If you prefer high quality, prepare to shed some extra savings because a good quality will cost extra, but it will also serve you many years. 

Not bomber – a jacket may have similar properties, but that does not mean it’s a bomber style. First, recheck the features, then go for it.

Fake material – when it comes to choosing, you have plenty of options from cotton, leather to nylon. Lower prices do not always mean it is cheap quality. While a high price does not mean it is good. Here are ways to identify a good quality product 

  • Read reviews and search for quality-related discussions
  • Try before buying. 
  • Compare pricing with different brands. 

What to avoid with Bomber Jacket?

Wider pants:

If you want your jacket to look good, try not to layer it with wider trousers unless you want to look extra funky!


There is no issue in wearing with shorts, it just don’t always look good unless you’re in a beach. 

Don’t mix colors:

Always layers two-tone colors. Don’t try to mix up with grey, brown, black, or blue at the same time. This will create a dire outlook.

Under a coat: 

This will hide the attraction of the jacket. Try to accommodate it differently by wearing over a hoodie or sweater to keep the cold away.

How to Switch to Bomber Style?

If you're thinking of investing in a bomber style because you've not tried it ever before, then give a pat on your back for making a wise decision. 
In fact, the bomber is counted among one of those styles that get rebirth in every coming year, making it a must-have piece in everyone's wardrobe. No matter if you've decided to switch to this style lately because you have still got several versions of this masterpiece to try on, and here, we tell you how you can do it!

The Sturdy Classic:

Classic will remain trendy regardless of era, season, or occasion.

Variety in Feel:

If you're looking to stock your wardrobe with more bomber styles, opt for suede, cotton, nylon, jeans, and satin materials. Each of them outlines different silhouettes and gives you a fresh new look every time you switch between each one of them.  

The Low Temps Choice:

In the freezing time, you'll find most classics taking the closet's space. Whereas, in the spring and summer seasons, the fleece bombers rest in the classics' place.  
They look, feel and work as cool outer layering and are an easy way to add chicness to your casual outfit. While donning in this thin bomber jacket, keep the front unfastened to accentuate the casual look.

Is Bomber Jacket Going Out of Fashion?

Many trends rose and fell except for the bomber jackets that were, are, and will keep on trending because of their versatile appeal that was welcomed by all generations in every era.
It won’t be wrong to say that it has become unavoidable wear to survive winter with. Thanks to the technological advancement that has blessed this clothing piece with more recognition through the improved materials that spike new life to this vintage piece with each coming year. 

That’s the main reason why this classic wear has been regaining life through decades.

The Status of Bomber Jackets Today:

Bombers have been reviving continuously through decades in multiple shapes and materials.  The style evolved and continuously improving with new features while maintaining its originality. What we love about a bomber jacket is the vintage connection which gives people a reason to style it in the first place.

Today, bomber jackets are made for every purpose, from working out to going out, and they are built for comfort, which makes them more desirable over a traditional jacket. It gives the impression of a rugged style that's both functional and stylish.

What About Bomber Outer’s Future?

In this internet-savvy world, we have seen a consistent rise in bomber jacket demand over the Google Trend. From 2004 till to date, the trend is going on the rise, which led the fashionistas to admit that the style will keep on trending until a new fashion revolution will bang the entire fashion world with new wears. 

This is one of the best pieces you can own in your closet, especially if you're always outdoors. If you want to upgrade or never tried a bomber style before, look at our styles that will take your fashion to the next level. Visit Angel Jackets Today!
 People also ask for

Is bomber jacket too big?

They are either bulky or fitted. If you want to wear big, you need to go a size up or two. It is better to stay true to size by following the guide because if you wear big, it will not look well with some clothes.

What is the bomber for extreme cold?

Irvin Flying is best for extreme cold weather conditions because it features strong fur collar and inner lining that will keep the body warm.  

What does MA1 mean?

It means Master at Arms First Class. A rating given by the Navy. 

Can bomber jackets be worn in winter?

Yes, there are several designs exclusive made for winter such the Irvin Flying or the B2 jacket. These are made to keep the body secure, warm and stylish during winter months. Available in different colors and versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour bomber jacket should I get?

If you want to add mix color flavors to your fashion, I recommend maroon, navy blue, green and also try their lighter and darker shades.  If you are wearing darker shade clothes, a light colored jacket will set off your outfit better. If your clothes are in light shades, try a darker one for contrast.

 Should a bomber jacket be baggy?

Fitted or loose? That depends on age, athletic ability and height. If you're young, atheletic and tall go with fitted because it will keep you straight fit and flexible. If you're not so young but under 50s or above, go for a more larger baggy.

What is the arm pocket on a bomber jacket for?

This feature is available on MA-1 and other versions. It is given for a purpose to pilots but now, these are more used to keep small items while traveling. 

How do you wear a bomber jacket with a hoodie?

Go for a size up to layer a hood inside. We would recommend to buy hooded styles that comes with an extra add-on so you don't have to layer another hoodie inside. 
  • Know your body type – a bomber can go both bulky and fitted. If your body is slim and athletic, you can wear fitted. While adults aged 50 to 60 with not-so-athletic bodies can go with bulky styles.


  • Stick to the classic – you do not have to put too much effort into styling a bomber jacket. Always pick classic colors like black or brown because you can instantly wear these regardless of your dress code.


  • Keep it casual – if you want to nail a cool look, always layer it with casual jeans, a shirt, and shoes. Just throw it over a white t-shirt, and you’re all set to go out. 


  • Get creative – you can wear it countless ways. Have fun with styles by coordinating your jacket with different casual attires.


  • Anyone can wear it - Women think that bomber jackets are only for guys, but the reality is you can style it and make it feminine.


  • All seasonal – bomber jackets are made in all types of material such as leather, nylon, cotton, etc., so regardless of weather, you can style one. 


  • Know your body type – a bomber can go both bulky and fitted. If your body is slim and athletic, you can wear fitted. While adults aged 50 to 60 with not-so-athletic bodies can go with bulky styles.


  • Stick to the classic – you do not have to put too much effort into styling a bomber jacket. Always pick classic colors like black or brown because you can instantly wear these regardless of your dress code.


  • Keep it casual –