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Mens Distressed Leather Jacket

What is Distressed Leather?


Distressed Leather Jackets are designed to appear vintage without losing the original integrity. The surface has an aged and broken pattern that looks appealing to people who are looking for a vintage and rough look. The jackets are available in lots of different patterns and style.

Are Distressed Leather Jackets Still In Style?

Yes, they're timeless fashion wear, highly demanded all over the world for their sophisticated and old-age look.  The jackets are deliberately designed to carry a vintage style look that is ironically trending in the modern fashion world. Women distressed leather jackets are also in demand similar to men. 

Here are prime examples of our stylish mens distressed leather jacket. 



The Bad Boy Look

In order to figure out how to look like a bad boy first you need to find out the kind of jacket you need, there are various styles of the apparel with the most popular ones being distressed leather motorcycle jacket. Here, we present you the cafe racer in grey which is a classic staple for vintage fashion lover. 


The Casual Look:

Generally, casual dressing is supposed to be comfortable throughout the day while looking effortlessly stylish, Motorcycle jackets and café racer jackets are the best ones for a quick street style, pair it with slim fit jeans and soft cotton tee and you’re ready within 10 minutes.


The Preppy Look

You can wear the jacket over a thin turtle and black pants for a smart casual look. Fitted jackets are another great option for this kind of look. To complete the style, just don matching gloves and boots.

How Do You Treat Distressed Leather?


Keeping distressed leather clean is somewhat simple and easy it doesn’t really require any special equipment or tools; however a good quality leather conditioner will keep the jacket nourished and supple for a long time.

Things You Need

  • Clean Cloth, Leather Conditioner, and Mild Detergent
  • Wet your cloth in a mixture of mild detergent and lukewarm water and squeeze until the excess water is rinsed out. Gently clean the leather; this will remove any dirt present on the surface.
  • After you’ve cleaned the leather, rinse the cloth in plain water to remove any detergent residue. Finally, rub dry towel to complete the cleaning process and apply a good quality leather conditioner to keep the apparel soft and long lasting.

Mens Distressed Leather Jackets UK by Angel Jackets

Nothing can beat the warmth and comfort of leather jackets. Here’s why Angel Jackets brings out its exclusive collection of distressed mens leather jacket for you. Made available from high quality real leather, you will get the get the class and style for sure.

Our collection offers you different style of mens distressed brown leather jacket, distressed black leather jacket, distressed leather motorcycle jacket and hooded jacket. So, you can choose your own look with confidence. From bike rider to the casual or daily use, you will get the best leather piece for sure.

Our well trained craftsman paid special attention at every single cut that ensures proper fitting and adjustment. Plus the distressed applied throughout the leather made it look rough and durable. It will keep you warm and active in the winter season.

Why Buy distressed leather jacket Mens from us?

Our styles is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your look. This jacket is made from high-quality leather that has been distressed to give it a unique look. The jacket also features a stand-up collar, two front pockets, and a zip-up front closure.

Our styles are available in black and brown. Black is a classic color that will never go out of style. Brown is a great choice if you want something that is more unique.

If you are looking for a stylish, quality leather jacket, then Angel Jackets is the perfect choice for you!

People Also Ask For

Is distressed leather real leather?

Yes, they look aged in appeareance and also comes with wrinkles, and scratches. An artificial leather usually don't have these characteristic. 

Why distress leather looks so aged?

Take it as a style rather as a negative feature. They are designed in such a way to look old which gives the wearer a vintage vibe.

Do leather jackets get better with age??

Yes, if it's made of real lambskin or other hides, it will get better with age. A good quality tends to stay original for many years if cared properly. 

Is distressed jacket worth buying?

Yes, every style savvy will love to buy distressed leather because it is made in such a way to add a vintage vibe to the appearance. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to distress leather jacket?

Apply alcohol with a soft cloth which will then dry our surface and produce a distressed look, alternatively, you can also rub it with sandpaper. However, it is better not to ruin your expensive leather jacket by applying these DIY methods.

What is distressed leather jacket?

They are just like any other jacket but with a weathered look, people looking to add some ruggedness to their style should opt for such styles.

Where to buy a distressed leather jacket?

If your looking for stylish leather jackets with a weathered look at an unbeatable price Angel Jackets is your ideal destination.

How do you dull shiny leather?

You can wear a sports jacket all year round especially midseason, make sure to choose lively colors for spring and muted tone for fall.

Can I pull off a leather jacket?

You can’t just pull off any leather jacket you need to be very selective about your approach, however it better to opt for minimal designs if you aren’t sure what style suites you.