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Mens Wool Coat


Wool coats are considered winter's best friend because of their warm and stylish features. Sure the relationship is never-ending and one can carry the outerwear anywhere they like. For men, there is no exception.

Men's wool coats are the essential garment for winter clothes, and choosing the right one is easier than you think, just remember some features such as appearance, fabric, color and style. This is the tricky part. 

You never know whether the style will suit you or not. Here's what you need to know before buying one for yourself. 



Wool is one of the best materials that you can use to make a coat. It has a lot of benefits and it will keep you warm even in the coldest winter. The key feature is the material which needs to be warm and provide proper insulation. Even if you get soaked in the rain, it keeps you insulated.


Next important thing every one will notice is the color. This is where you have to make sure it will match with your current wardrobe collection. Here are top 3 colors you can easily match with any dress code.

Grey You can wear this color any time and anywhere. It's a staple and you don't have to put too much work into it. It's a great color for anyone who wants to look put together and have a more formal look.

Brown Shade - The brown shade looks more trendy than any other color available. A personal choice of travelers and many fashion lovers because of its gorgeous shades; even women often prefer them.

Blue or Navy - Don't be afraid to get a little bold.

If you're not big on grey and brown, look for something a little more lively in blue. You can wear patterns like checks or textured for extra elegance.

We know how important it is to find the right look for your wardrobe—and that's why we've made it our mission to help you find something that will work in any setting. 

Whether you want to go for a mens classic grey trench coat, or something a little more adventurous, we've got what you need!



The style is the mother of all. You learned about the color, wool, and now it's time to pick the right style because that's when you can get confused. Do you need a men's wool long coat, peacoat, or a car coat style?  

We have a variety of styles all occasions. From casual to formal, we have a coat for every occasion. Whether you are looking for an everyday coat or something more formal, we have one for you.

Regardless of which you are considering to buy, always get it right.

Peacoats have been around for centuries but have become popular recently due to their versatility and style. You can wear them casually or formally, making them versatile pieces of clothing that work well with most outfits. 

Car coats usually end at mid-thigh. These styles are perfect for those who are not looking to stay warm while they move around during the day or night time. Car coats come in different colors, patterns and sizes so they can be worn by anyone!

A long coat for men is an ideal choice for cold winter days and parties. It will keep you warm and dry, while adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble. 


People also ask for

Are peacoats Still in Style 2022?

Yes, peacoats are still a huge trend in 2022. They're a classic piece of outerwear that can be worn for many occasions, whether you're going to work or out on a date, they'll always make you look like a million bucks. 

How do you know if a jacket is too small?

If you feel tightness or can't move properly, it means the outer is small and you need to go a size up. 

What do you wear with?

Style it with your favorite pair of jeans, sweater, or shoes. You can rotate the combination as you wish. 

How do you know your size?

Always check size chart when buying online or try the jacket if shopping physically. If you need extra room, go a size up.

Do you have colors in men wool coat collection?

Yes, we have different colors like dark grey, light grey, dark navy blue, red, black and more. 

Do Angel Jackets offer premium quality coats?

We have a dedicated team that consistently works on getting the best quality wool fabric from around the world. So, our valued customers get the highest quality product without breaking the bank. The fabric used in our products is decent thick and gives a smooth, comfy feel with a natural water repellent feature. 

In how many colors are the wool coats available ?

Angel Jackets possesses a wide collection of coats in several colors ranging from classic navy blue, charcoal black, chocolate brown, solid black, and ash gray colors to copper and multicolor checkered coat. In addition, each color is available in numerous other styles and designs that extend the choices for the wearer even more.

Do Angel Jackets offers wool coats in the same long length?

Regarding the coat's length, torso size matters a lot. For that reason, we offer coats in different sizes. You can get men's wool coats with various variations, the knee-high coat (3/4 length), a knee-length coat, and a full-length coat that runs down the knees covering the shins.

Up to what temperature the Angel Jackets wool coats support?

Wool coats are generally not intended to use during freezing temperatures. Instead, they provide sufficient warmth up to 35-degree Fahrenheit. Our coats function well up to that point, but if the temperature drops below that, you might have to add some layers for extra warmth.

Will I get the same wool coat as shown in the pictures on the website?

We makes sure you get the item exactly as shown in the pictures. Although, the lighting arrangements may be an exception to that since some colors look different in certain light settings. 

Frequently ask questions

Can a peacoat be worn over a suit?

Generally, a well-fitted peacoat cannot be worn over a suit, firstly because it will be too tight, secondly it’s too casual to wear with a suit. What you need is an overcoat that is formal and loose enough to wear over a suit.

Can peacoat be tailored?

Pea coats are meant to fit well, therefore it can and should be tailored, make sure the shoulder seams are at the right spot and the sleeves are neither too long or short. If you find the fit loose, or bulky, you can get your coat tailored by any professional.

What is the difference between a topcoat and an overcoat?

The difference between a top coat and an overcoat is the length and weight of the fabric. Overcoats are heavier and longer while the top coat is lightweight, both of these are worn over suits and other apparel.

Can you wear an overcoat with jeans?

Combining a versatile overcoat with black or blue jeans is a smart option, complete the style with a pair of refined leather boots. You can also wear formal chinos with your coat for a solid formal look.

What are trench coats good for?

Trench coats were initially introduced as a coat for protection against rain and not cold. It’s now fashion apparel and a preppy option for spring and summers. 

When should you wear an overcoat?

An overcoat is an excellent formal piece of outerwear to wear over your suit without making to look too casual. It will keep you warm and look appropriate as well.

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