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Mens Peacoat

Peacoats for Mens by Angel Jackets



Men's winter outwears trends come and go, but the men's peacoat has remained a staple, thanks to its enduring style. The wool coat has undergone many changes over the years, but fashion-minded people have kept it alive, evolving and adapting it to current trends.

Historically, Pea coats have become popularized by military members as part of the sailor's uniform, a double-breasted wool jacket in blue with the front buttons down. Soon it made its way into civilian life. People felt its sleek design, durability, and, most importantly, its ability to keep warm.

Peacoats are made of 100% wool, making them resistant to color fading, salt, and water. The wool is also a natural flame and weather resistant, making it ideal for any season. However, blended wool coats with 20% synthetic fiber are also available as an affordable option if you are out to buy one.

Today, men's winter coats are available in a range of contemporary and classic styles. So choose the one for yourself from Angel jackets in a variety of styles, including the navy peacoat, long wool coat, men's leather coat, and trench coat.



1. Why do they call it a pea coat?

According to many historians, pea coat originated in the Netherlands. To help the sailors be warm, they developed a heavy wool coat and called it “pijjakker.” In dutch pea “pij” is pronounced as “pea” which is a word for coarse, and “jakker” means a jacket.

2. What is pea coat meaning?                                                                                       

 The pea coat is a heavy jacket made of wool with big buttons on the front, and they are hip-lengthed. It was worn by navy sailors originally, but now it became common. Many people wear it as a fashion piece in winter.

3. Are pea coats out of style?                                                                                       

 Pea coats have survived many trend changes, and it is still in style. There are many variations of pea coats available nowadays, unlike in the past it was only in dark blue. Many known brands are even launching new colors and pea coats because there is still demand.

4. When should you wear a mens pea coat?                                                                 

  A pea coat is a versatile fashion piece that can be worn at casual, semi-casual, and semi-formal events. It is best to be worn in winter and spring because it will keep you warm in style.

7. Are all pea coats double-breasted?                                                                          

 Pea coats were only double-breasted in dark blue color in the past, but with time they evolved now, and it is available in multiple variations. It comes in many different colors, and it also comes in a single-breasted style.

8. What is the difference between a pea coat and a trench coat?                                 

 A pea coat is shorter than a trench coat with a more fitted look, while a trench coat features a waist belt for adjustment of fit. The trench coat has lighter fabric than peacoat.


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