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Big and Tall Leather Jackets

Big and Tall Leather Jackets by Angel Jackets


Fashion gives you endless opportunities to style regardless of your age, body shape, or height. However, there are certain things that may limit you from wearing some clothes. For example, a 40 or 50-year-old man cannot wear that same graphic t-shirt that he used to wear during his 20s, it'll look weird. But a leather jacket is ageless and anyone can don one with confidence. 

So, can a big guy wear it? The answer is, Yes! 

If you are convinced that you’re bound to a certain type of clothing for being over average size or in other words, too big, you need to change your mind. Because not all clothing will fit you so you need to exclusively search for specific designs that will fit you and make you look good. And, this is where the budget problem comes! 

What Angel Jackets offer for Big Guys?

Oversize or plus size clothing are tend to be more expensive compare to average build garments since they use extra material to produce. And sometimes, you have to get that big leather jacket customized as per the body type but, that's not the case with Angel Jackets. We’ve heard a lot of people say “Oh, I wish I could wear that” so we made it possible that to at an unbelievable price.

These type of mens tall leather jackets cost anywhere from $500 to $600 in the market but at Angel Jackets it is available for under $200. 

Styles we have for Big Guys

Car Coats:



They are perfect for large bodies. Because, these are bulky and give extra room to layer other clothes inside. These are best for driving car, riding motorcycle and commuting. Car Coats are like jackets that only reach your waist with a single or no zipper respectively. Due to it's coat like features, it is considered among mens big and tall leather jackets. 

Moto Jackets:

Speaking of riding bikes, big guys love wearing motorcycle jackets so, we have plenty of styles to choose from. Our moto outers will get you the high-score rating and stand out in style. Our Big and tall leather motorcycle jackets are made up of real leather, and each unit is neatly stitched and closely inspected before reaching your doorstep. 


 Winter Coats


If you are one of those people who like to drive with all the windows down even in cold weather, try our shearling coats. The extreme winter won't give you the chill because our shearling coats is like wearing extra skin. 

Now you can get rid of the old boring clothes and adopt a trend with these big and tall leather jackets that are specifically designed for you guys and works very well for your shape. Opt for trendy big and tall leather coats or leather jackets we have them all.

We make sure you get the best at low price :) 

People Also Asks

1. Is 3XL a big size?

Yes, it is considered for guys with 49 - 50 chest body (124.4 - 127 cm). It is above the average build. 

2. Will I need to pay extra if I order size big?

No, Angel Jackets do not charge extra for big size jacket. You can buy our jackets from XS - 3XL and the price will remain the same. If you choose a different material like cowhide, you may get charged extra.

3. What leather types are available in big size at Angel Jackets?

Angel Jackets makes both real leather and PU leather jackets in Big sizes. In real leather, we have lambskin and cowhide. There are price difference in both Real and PU. 

4. How does big and tall sizing work?

A man who is around the height of 6'2” is considered as tall and big. Also, depending on the body type. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does 3xB Mean?

It means 3XL for Big or just 3XBig. B refer to big size clothing that are larger than any average clothing. 

2. Is 2XL a Plus size? 

No, they are not plus size. 2XL is only larger than L, XL and smallar than 3XL. 

3. What's the difference between tall and regular sizes?

Tall sizes are one inch longer in sleeves and one inch in length. To avoid returns, it is better to measure body height and length before ordering large jackets. 

4. How tall do you have to be for big and tall clothes?

If you are 6'2 and the waist measurement is less than chest, you are counted among tall people who needs to wear big and tall jackets or shirts.