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Mens Leather Blazers

Leather Blazers by Angel Jackets

Leather jackets are cool, but leather blazers, on the other hand, hold the same properties while being a little more formal, therefore you get a little bit of both casual and formal styles. Just like any other blazer jacket, the leather variant comes with one, two, and three button closure, but the lapels are almost always notched.

At Angel Jackets, you can find different varieties all under one roof that real, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

There are several ways to style a leather blazer; your style can tilt towards formal or casual depending on the occasion. Here are some inspirations.

Mens Black Leather Blazer + Grey Shirt + Jeans

A black leather blazer with a white shirt and red tie looks highly refined. It not as formal as a suit or tuxedo, but it's the best choice for people who are searching for a sweet spot between formal and casual. This one leans slightly more towards the formal side.

Mens Brown Leather Blazer + Grey Shirt + Black Chinos

The Mens Brown Leather Blazer is great for weekends when you're on a friendly outing or spending some time outside with family. To obtain a relaxed look, wear it with a decent sweatshirt and tapered chinos, complete the look with a suede Chelsea boot. This look is slightly lesser formal compared to the shirt and ties combination and tilts more towards the relaxed look.

Red Leather Blazer Men + Black T-shirt + Black Jeans

You can also go for the street style with the versatile mens leather blazer jacket, experiment with different colors like red, blue or burgundy, a rule of thumb is to keep the remaining outfit relatively minimal if you want to avoid looking off. You can also reverse the style with an extravagant outfit paired with a minimal blazer.

So, pick your favorite from our collection that will help you style effortlessly without breaking the bank. Our jackets are timeless and you can wear them regardless of age. 

People Also Asks

Why are blazers so expensive?

A timeless and good quality blazer will cost more than a regular jacket. They purpose is to make you look elegant on a formal event and it also helps you create a semi-casual style.

Angel Jackets makes it simple to style a blazer by reducing unnecessary production expense and only rely on handcraft work. This not only makes our product high quality but also reduces the price. 

Are Blazers too formal?

No they are not. Some people confuse these jackets with only-formal attire but you can also wear them as semi-casual attire on a daily-go. 

How do you wear a blazer with jeans?

Just find a matching t-shirt or dress shirt that matches the jeans then layer a black or brown blazer to add attitude to the appearance. 

Is your blazer made from Real Leather?

Yes, we design jackets using 100% real leather which are durable, lasting and best for every day style. They only get better with age. So, what else can you do to ensure the jacket last many years? Absolutely nothing! Wear and Hang!

Can I wear your leather blazer on summer?

Our leather are lightweight and made from Lambskin. You can style our outerwear on summer season without any problem but make sure it's not a record breaking heatwave temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What pants do you wear with a blazer?

Jeans normally goes well but you can always try dress pants, chinos and other pants. Makesure the pant is not in same contrast as the blazer not too close to its color. If it's darker, try light color pants. 

What color is the most trendy?

Colors like black, brown, tan, maroon and grey are trending among men. If you opt for more casual settings, try maroon, tan and brown. 

Is blazer good for wedding?

Yes and no. If you're only guest, you can wear it but if you're the groom, you need to go with the traditional wedding suits.

What can I wear under the blazer?

You can wear any tee, dress shirt or polo shirt. If you opt for more casual, try a casual tee but if you want to create a semi-formal look, dry dress shirt or polo style.